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SaaS Manager Code Monkey

Web application to define your business model

  • Fill in a few forms to configure your plans & pricing
  • Experiment with what sells best without coding
  • Have your business model translated to the magic your developers do
  • Promote your app and profit
SaaS Manager
SaaS ManagerSaaS Manager Code Monkey

API for common stuff to focus on what matters

  • Write some code (you can fit the mimimal amount required in a single tweet) or clone a sample app
  • Extract the available features & usage quotas from JSON web token
  • Call the APIs for the difficult/boring stuff to save time
  • Focus on the features that make you unique and profit

Use a complete toolset to build your next SaaS and get to market fast!

Auth API generating JWT tokens, containing the complete view of your user. No need for multiple calls - just decode the token.

Authorization & Single Sign On

User management & tenancy

Register your users and group them into organizations for easier billing. Extend the user profile with custom data.

Plans, subscriptions & payments

Organize applications, with features and usage quotas, into plans. Get subscriptions automatically renewed and included in auth tokens.

Notifications & templates

Define events and templates associated with them to have your users notified about them via email.

Activity feed & Metrics

Gather events into time-based series. Tag them with labels and aggregate into metrics.

Git repo, Docker registry & CI/CD

Have your private code repository and docker registry configured within the CI/CD flow. Runners included.

Our integrations/partners

NeotericAmazon Web ServicesComposeGitLabBraintreeSaaS Manager Code Monkey



0-100k API calls

30k free API calls (beta offer)

cloud hosting

$2,50 / 1k API calls

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$1,00 / 1k API calls

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100k - 500k API calls

30k free API calls (beta offer)

cloud hosting


unlimited API calls

dedicated deployment

premium support

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unlimited calls

own infractructure

premium support

source code licence

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