Reduce churn by over 5% in less than 6 months

Use AI to predict, which customers might leave and optimize offers to keep them engaged


What we can do for you

SaaS Manager reduces your churn an increases ARPU

We help businesses on commoditized markets fight increasing churn. We know that due to heavy competition your customers are more prone to churn and profit from each customer reduces overtime. We provide you with tools to asses such risk and mitigate them.


Predict churn risk for each of your customers, while learning what might be causing it.


Increase profits from customers by optimizing product bundles to match customer needs and expand your offer with products from our partners.


Work on anonymized customer profiles and track access to customer data to prevent data leaks and reduce RODO related risks.

Churn Prediction

Contact customer that are really prone to churn instead of randomly calling EOP customers, triggering „sleepers” in the process.

We use artificial intelligence algorithms and cloud computing to effectively predict risk of a customer leaving within the next X months, total duration of the contract and customer lifetime value.

360 View

Source data and scoring, later combined with the data gathered by your company, make up the final, complete customer profile (360 view).

Personal data stored in the system is anonymized, and every event of accessing or searching for customer data is recorded, which ensures its security.

Up-sell suggestions

Instead of one-size-fits-all campaigns, product suggestions are personalized for each customers.

Based on sales history, the way of using the services and similarities between customers, not only are we able to predict churn, but also to indicate sales opportunities for next products for a given customer.


Understand your customers based on how their spendings, usage patterns and propensities instead of „gut feeling”.

Using the full set of information and customer scoring, we are able to automatically detect customer segments.Each segment is then assigned with a typical representative, based on the analysis of what the customers buy and what services they use.

Sales Augmentation

Help frontline employees choose best offer for each customer and create a feedback loop between models and salesforce activity.

Together with an analytics dashboard, we provide tools that support sales people in their daily tasks, suggest what to offer the customers, and collect data improving predictive models.

Reduce churn in less than 6 months

Learn how we helped one of biggest Polish telecoms reduce churn and keep their customers engaged.


About us

“Our mission is to help companies know their customers as well as owner of local grocery store knows his neighbours”

We are part of Neoteric Group

SaaS Manager is a product company owned by Neoteric software house, established in 2016. As a group we have received multiple awards from industry leaders (like Deloitte Fast 50) and our customers (top 100 B2B companies on Clutch).

Greg Gwozdz, Product & Technology

Matt Kurleto, Business Development

Built AI & Big Data systems used by Fortune 500 companies.

Head of technology in accelerator

Serial entrepreneur, built 70+ people software development company and 3 startups backed by VCs

Reduce churn and increase ARPU

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